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The End of Google+?

  Google makes changes to Google+ What impact will this have on local SEO? Google keeps being the company I love to hate. Once I wrap my head around how to use one of their products or services they go and change things on us. This is no different then the announcement Google released on Monday. You can read it here. The main goal of Google+ profiles was to allow…

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Improved SEO with Social Media

SEO with Social Media Increase your local business rankings with social media Chances are if you run a small business, you don’t have an enormous amount of time to be using social media. We are guilty of this too. You might even run a business that your client would rather not be associate with, i.e. DUI Lawyer, Proctologist etc. Not that there is anything wrong with those business, but its…

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Did Mobilegeddon impact your Local SEO Efforts?

As manny of you know, April 21 is the day Google rolled out their mobile algorithm. Like all of their publicly disclosed updates it took on a life of its own in the SEO circles. All of us where speculating how much it would effect our clients’ SERPs. The updated was coined with the term “Mobilegeddon” What is Mobilegeddon? Roughly 60% of Google searches are done on a smart phone…

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Google Unverify Google My Business Page

When was the last time you logged into your My Business page from Google? Can’t remember when? Well you might want to do it sooner rather then later. Apparently the ever so friendly Google machine is slowly un-verifying inactive My Business pages. Jade Wang, a Employee of Google, posted this: In some cases, we may contact Google My Business users via email to confirm that they are still actively managing…

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Multiple Location Local SEO

I ran across this article today by Yuyu Chen, covering multi site local SEO. The reason I bring this up is I had a meeting with a prospective client yesterday which has several locations in the Denver area. The challenge they faced was their online message varied from location to location. Yuyu is so right on the mark, have someone be responsible for controlling or at least providing guidance on the…

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