Clean up your Local SEO Citations

  If your company has been in business for any length of time, you likely have citations scattered around the internet. These could have been created by you or an employee, a hired SEO company, data aggregators or even customers. Regardless of how they were created, there’s a good chance that the citations contain inaccuracies. These inaccuracies will have a painfully negative impact on your local SEO efforts. So What…

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A Mobile strategy for your small business.

I ran across this article today and think its spot on about how businesses really need to start adding mobile to their long term strategy

10 Trends & Tips To Consider In Creating A Winning Mobile Strategy For Local Search & Marketing

Columnist Wesley Young shares insights from the latest LSA Local Media Tracking Study, advising marketers on local-mobile strategy for 2015.


Local Search Association’s (LSA) 2014 “Local Media Tracking Study” conducted by Burke, Inc. found that on average, mobile phones/smartphones are used to search the internet – across search engines, internet yellow pages, ratings and review sites and daily deals – 42% of the time compared to just 34% in 2013.

This jump in mobile usage means it is time to reexamine your mobile strategy. I take a look at the latest data available to identify mobile trends and ten things to keep in mind that will help develop a winning mobile strategy for your business.

1. Mobile Strategy Is Now Must-Have

A mobile strategy is no longer nice-to-have. While some like to remind us that computers and laptops remain the most common device for searching the internet, the shift to mobile, in particular to mobile phones and smartphones is quickly closing the gap.

As recently as 2012, 80% of those surveyed used a computer or laptop to search the internet. That dropped to 73% in 2013 and 66% in 2014, according to LSA’s Local Media Tracking Study. Mobile phones and smartphone use in search increased from 25% in 2012 to 34% in 2013 and 42% in 2014.

If these trends continue at the same rate, the majority of Americans will use a mobile phone or smartphone for search next year and phones will overtake PC use for search within two years.

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